2019-2020 LPHA Officers

LPHA held its General Business Meeting on  Friday, May 3rd in Alexandria. Knesha Rose-Davison, MPH was installed as  the President for 2019-2020. Dr. David Holcombe serves in the office of  Immediate Past-President. Sundee Winder, PhD was elected to the office  of President-Elect and Anna Goodwill was elected to the office of  Vice-President. Mittie Rohner continues her term as Treasurer; Janet  Merritt continues her term as Secretary; and Jamie Roques continues her  term as ARGC (Affiliate Representative to the Governing Council of  APHA). Please click on the OFFICERS page for a listing of the Officers  and Section Chairs. The names of the Committee Chairs will be added when  the appointments are made. There are several vacant Section Chairs; if  you are interested in filling one of the vacancies, please email busmgr.lpha@yahoo.com. 

Monthly Health Highlights

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Annual Membership Application and Renewal

 The annual membership year begins on  January 1st.  You can apply or renew your membership by completing the  form on-line, printing the forms and sending it in with your check or  money order. More...