Louisiana Public Health Association Annual Awards

LPHA, at its annual Awards Banquet,  recognizes five of our fellow members and community leaders to show our  appreciation to those individuals who stand as role models and  supporters of improving the health and welfare of the citizens of  Louisiana.  Often in the line of public health work, deeds go unnoticed,  ignored, or taken for granted.  The individuals that we recognize truly  care for the people they serve and obtain satisfaction from a job well  done.

LPHA members are invited to submit nominations of worthy  individuals who meet the criteria of a specific award as outlined  below.  An individual may only receive one award in any one year.   Nominations are submitted to the LPHA Awards Committee composed of the  Section Chairpersons and the Immediate Past President who shall serve as  chair.  It is the responsibility of the committee to review the  recommendations for recipients of the various awards and to determine  those who will be the recipients of such awards.  Only one award in each  category is to be presented each year when suitable candidates are  available.

LPHA Awards and Criteria are as follows:

  • MERITORIOUS AWARD - For long time diligent and esteemed service in public health in  Louisiana by any person in full-time, part-time or voluntary service in a  health agency, organization or coalition.
  • MEMBERS AWARD - For outstanding loyal and dedicated service to LPHA by an individual who has been a member of LPHA for five years or more.
  • PUBLIC SERVICE AWARD - For contributions and support to foster public health programs or  issues in Louisiana by an elected or appointed public official on the  local, state or national level.
  • FOUNDERS AWARD - For significant achievement in research or outstanding pioneering  performance in public health by any resident of Louisiana.  Significant  here is statewide, national, or international recognition of  achievements or accomplishments.
  • THE LOUISE MCFARLAND AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE IN PUBLIC HEALTH COMMUNICATION - To  recognize a media professional for accurate and thorough broadcast,  print and/or electronic media coverage of public health programs or  issues in Louisiana.


Members may obtain their nominations forms :

Awards Form (pdf)


Awards Form (docx)